Hi, I am Alma Wahdie.
I love writing and I love to write.

This blog's contents are everything that I think could be a good information for you.
It's a authority blog whereas I write various things I like with intention to share with you all.

They could be about my profession as an English teacher, so it will be about English learning stuffs; about places I visited that could be a reference for you, I hope; about beauty stuffs (like I am sharing with you what I like in beauty categories; and about my hobby (books I read, cooking recipes, arts like DIY stuffs).


It's an authority blog which consist of various topic but written in "serious" way. It doesn't mean serious in terms of word choice or formal writing but serious in terms of content. Everything I wrote in here is a valid thing (unless it is my point of views, I'll tell it).

The blog is mainly written in Bahasa Indonesia since I am Indonesian, but there are some posts that were written in English. I wrote in this blog since 2009, it is for hobby just like it is. Then, since I am learning English, I used it as media for practicing my English as well (they might be not correct at all, but they are the traces of my writing, so I'll keep them). 

Since my students need to practice their English as well, I provide some pages which are about general information of the blog, such as disclaimer, privacy policy and about me section which are written in English. Some sidebars information and its tab title also provided in English.
Thus, at least this blog general information can be read by global community. 

From this blog, you may follow some hyperlink as I attach in the articles here. Some are going to related topic which I posted before and some are going to referral link which I work with (such as in sponsorship labeled articles).

Thank you for reading!

This blog opens opportunities for you who wants to advertise, and/ or make sponsorship, paid insertions, and/ or other offers of compensation. It provides opinion, product reviews, and many kinds of topics. The review is based on our honest perspective, findings, experiences, and beliefs toward the products/ services/ the chosen topics.

Simply contact me by email at almawahdie@yahoo.com

You also can contact me via my social media account:
www.instagram.com/almawahdie which provide a contact button for you to reach me if you open it by using its mobile app.

(Last Updated: 25 October 2018)

 Let's work together!