Sunday, May 11, 2014

Senior High Students’ Psychological Problems in Speaking English as Foreign Language

Senior High Students’ Psychological Problems in Speaking English as Foreign Language
(A Survey in a Senior High School in Bandung)

Alma Prisilya
English Education, School of Postgraduate Studies, Indonesia University of Education

Teaching English in Indonesia is not typically same as in other countries. Not only does the changes of curriculum, the lack of teachers’ competences, but more importantly the students who learn English also faced some problems during the learning process. It is supported by Ariffansyah (2013), “… problem will appear if there is inappropriate between exception and reality. Another defines that a problem will happen if someone’s necessity does not fulfill.” The way of pronouncing the words and the written forms in English are counted as inappropriate reality. It makes students confused, because the written language and the oral language are different. Some of them get problems in those kinds of linguistic matters and some are more in psychological problems. Therefore the present study was aimed to discover the most common psychological problems that face by senior high students in speaking English. Quantitative method was employed by distributing close- ended questionnaire to 100 respondents out of 183 students. The result exhibited that students’ fear of derision, uneven allocation of turn, and students’ incomprehensible inputs are the most common psychological problems in speaking English which influence their oral performances. To conclude, most of the students’ problems in speaking English come from psychological aspects. Nonetheless, they are actually quite good in written performances. Thus, teachers can minimize the speaking failure by focusing on those common problems; creating a good classroom environment which are fair to every student in the classroom; free of embarrassment and fun activities, so that students can participate actively in speaking class.
Keywords: psychological problems, anxiety, speaking, English

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