Is implicature important?

Konbanwa... Hallo friends :) How's day?
It is a good news for you all. I'm going to share with you my experiences during class sessions here.
My days are colorful ^^

I love Pragmatics class lately. The way our Prof explaining is very meaningful to me. I love this subject all in sudden. I also love Second Language Acquisition class.The materials and the lecturers are great.

Pragmatics tell me about how to communicate well to other people, while Second Language Acquisition tells me how to understand other factors that may influence the target language learned by other people. These subjects amaze me so much.

Then, I start relating all things in my daily life to the theories in these two subjects.
My findings motivate me to learn more and more.
Take as an example, are the theories in Pragmatics; Grice's Cooperative Principles and Theory of relevance. These two theories make me did an observation to my friend. I just think of what the theories told me, that communication takes place on the some principles of relevance. That was what my Prof said in lecturing session.

He added that actually creating implicature is always risky.
It's all because not all people could understand or got your point.

And then, I was thinking at that time, "So, is implicature important? When are we allowed to create implicature? What if making implicature is our habit, for example, some introvert people tend to create implicature. That is their characters.So how do we react on this phenomenon?

There are too many questions and I keep questioning until now.

An answer from my Prof when I asked about the last question, "Creating implicature for introvert people is the way they communicate. How do we understand it? and how do we tell them that it's risky; that they will direct the hearers to misunderstanding?"

My Prof said, "The introvert one will tell us everything once he/ she feel comfort to share with".
So simple. The point is [C]reating implicature is important, the choice to create it or not is based on the speaker itself. He/ she decide themselves when they'll create an implicature and when they will not.
O.K. then, case closed :)

I can continue my life and keep observing anything around me to be a better person.


Is implicature important?