Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is implicature important?

Konbanwa... Hallo friends :) How's day?
It is a good news for you all. I'm going to share with you my experiences during class sessions here.
My days are colorful ^^

I love Pragmatics class lately. The way our Prof explaining is very meaningful to me. I love this subject all in sudden. I also love Second Language Acquisition class.The materials and the lecturers are great.

Pragmatics tell me about how to communicate well to other people, while Second Language Acquisition tells me how to understand other factors that may influence the target language learned by other people. These subjects amaze me so much.

Then, I start relating all things in my daily life to the theories in these two subjects.
My findings motivate me to learn more and more.
Take as an example, are the theories in Pragmatics; Grice's Cooperative Principles and Theory of relevance. These two theories make me did an observation to my friend. I just think of what the theories told me, that communication takes place on the some principles of relevance. That was what my Prof said in lecturing session.

He added that actually creating implicature is always risky.
It's all because not all people could understand or got your point.

And then, I was thinking at that time, "So, is implicature important? When are we allowed to create implicature? What if making implicature is our habit, for example, some introvert people tend to create implicature. That is their characters.So how do we react on this phenomenon?

There are too many questions and I keep questioning until now.

An answer from my Prof when I asked about the last question, "Creating implicature for introvert people is the way they communicate. How do we understand it? and how do we tell them that it's risky; that they will direct the hearers to misunderstanding?"

My Prof said, "The introvert one will tell us everything once he/ she feel comfort to share with".
So simple. The point is [C]reating implicature is important, the choice to create it or not is based on the speaker itself. He/ she decide themselves when they'll create an implicature and when they will not.
O.K. then, case closed :)

I can continue my life and keep observing anything around me to be a better person.


Senior High Students’ Psychological Problems in Speaking English as Foreign Language

Senior High Students’ Psychological Problems in Speaking English as Foreign Language
(A Survey in a Senior High School in Bandung)

Alma Prisilya
English Education, School of Postgraduate Studies, Indonesia University of Education

Teaching English in Indonesia is not typically same as in other countries. Not only does the changes of curriculum, the lack of teachers’ competences, but more importantly the students who learn English also faced some problems during the learning process. It is supported by Ariffansyah (2013), “… problem will appear if there is inappropriate between exception and reality. Another defines that a problem will happen if someone’s necessity does not fulfill.” The way of pronouncing the words and the written forms in English are counted as inappropriate reality. It makes students confused, because the written language and the oral language are different. Some of them get problems in those kinds of linguistic matters and some are more in psychological problems. Therefore the present study was aimed to discover the most common psychological problems that face by senior high students in speaking English. Quantitative method was employed by distributing close- ended questionnaire to 100 respondents out of 183 students. The result exhibited that students’ fear of derision, uneven allocation of turn, and students’ incomprehensible inputs are the most common psychological problems in speaking English which influence their oral performances. To conclude, most of the students’ problems in speaking English come from psychological aspects. Nonetheless, they are actually quite good in written performances. Thus, teachers can minimize the speaking failure by focusing on those common problems; creating a good classroom environment which are fair to every student in the classroom; free of embarrassment and fun activities, so that students can participate actively in speaking class.
Keywords: psychological problems, anxiety, speaking, English

*Copyright Alma, 2013

What did They Say about Their Reading Materials? (Sebuah Investigasi Mengenai Kesulitan yang dihadapi Siswa Kelas Satu SMP dalam Membaca Teks Deskriptif Berbahasa Inggris)

What did They Say about Their Reading Materials?
(Sebuah Investigasi Mengenai Kesulitan yang dihadapi Siswa Kelas Satu SMP dalam Membaca Teks Deskriptif Berbahasa Inggris)

Alma Prisilya
English Education, School of Postgraduate Studies, Indonesia University of Education

Reading is one of language skills, but the lack of Indonesian students’ proficiencies in reading; and/ or understanding the reading material this time is being public concern. The data from PISA showed that Indonesia is in 57th place out of 65 countries in terms of its reading proficiency. The failure of students in understanding the reading materials is not fully their faults, moreover that they are expected to read foreign language (English); textbook or e-book. So, it is important for them to understand the English reading materials to support their reading spirits. This study aims to investigate the problems facing by students in reading English descriptive texts and their efforts to overcome those problems. This study applies qualitative method; using observation and open- ended questionnaire as the instruments. The result of this study shows that level of difficulty of the texts is causing difficulties in reading, as well as the illustration of the texts (pictures) at some point is not clear enough. Students’ reading frequency also becomes their problem. They solve the problems by making group or pair work, asking for help, looking up their dictionary, and repeating to read the text.

Keywords: problems, reading, descriptive text, English

*Copyright Alma, 2014

Sunday, May 04, 2014


Are you looking for another special events this year?
Here it is! The 3rd International Postgraduate Colloquium of Research in Education (IPCORE) 2014

International Postgraduate Colloquium of Research in Education (IPCORE) is a yearly conference. It is a cooperative relationships between Indonesia University of Education (UPI) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
UPI was the host for the 1st IPCORE. In 2013, the 2nd IPCORE held in USM. And, Now UPI is being the host for the 3rd IPCORE, Organized by Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa (FKM) SPs- UPI and School of Postgraduate Studies Indonesia University of Education.

All of master and postgraduate students in Indonesia, ASEAN's master dan postgraduate students, Lecturers, and Researchers as well have chance to come and join the conference.

So, send your full paper and registration form to by 20th May 2014 to be presenter ^^ (

Yeah, so it is the time!!!


Big Event in Palembang, NOW!!! PBGK 2014

Good morning, friends ;) It's 10.18 wib now :D
I'm staying in my room today; no agenda for going out except one weekly routine :)

I'll share with you an information about Pemilihan Bujang Gadis Kampus Sumatera Selatan (PBGK) 2014. This event is one of big events in Palembang. Every year Ikatan Bujang Gadis Kampus Sumatera Selatan (IBGK-SS) organizes PBGK together with Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan. All of the finalist of PBGK will become "Education and Culture Ambassador of South Sumatera". What a great thing, huh? ^^

Here are the schedule for PGBK 2014:

1. Semifinal
Hari/Tanggal : Sabtu, 3 Mei 2014
Pukul : 07.00 - selesai
Tempat : Hotel Bumi Asih Palembang 

2. Karantina
Hari/Tanggal : Minggu - Sabtu / 4-10 Mei 2014
Tempat : Asrama Haji Palembang

3. Malam Grand Final
Hari/Tanggal : Jumat, 9 Mei 2014
Pukul : 19.00 - selesai
Tempat: Hotel Aryaduta

Now, we got the finalist already. The PBGK 2014 Committee has announced the name of finalists last night on BGK Sumsel's twitter account @bgksumsel

Here are numbers of the finalists. Is your number written there? ^_-

Gadis: 028,050,038,058,004,018,034,046,036,022,032,002,026,020,006

source: @bgksumsel

The finalists are being quarantine now LOL
They will learn many things about being a super Bujang and Gadis :D
As previous activities; the finalists will experience things that will be fossilized in their mind; THE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS that could lead them to better live ^^ every year the committee provides evolutions and I believe that this year is going to be rock. Yeahhh...

Today is their first day being quarantined.
You can follow their activities from our official twitter account as I mentioned above.

I heard that they are having beauty class this morning^^ It is such a lovely thing :D I love it as well :P

Day #1: beauty class w/ wardah

OK, then...
I've share with you about PBGK- SS 2014 and you have noted the schedule, haven't you? ;)

So, Don't miss it!!!
Come and support your favorite finalists on Grand Final, May 9th, 2014 at Aryaduta hotel Palembang^^