WORKSHOP: How to write academic writing and got published?

The community that I join is very amazing (for me)

I love being in this kind of environment ^^
I meet so many talented, and creative people that full of spirit.
Their spirit are inspiring me :)

This community divides its members into six departments.
I belong to second department. They name it Research and Technology Department (Departemen Riset dan Teknologi). Sounds great, huh? LOL
Yes, it is.
In order to make it cute or easy to remember, they call our department as DERIK.
It's fun and make the job descriptions of the department not really hard anymore :D

Research and Technology Department??? It's COOL, Man.
But, I have no idea about it. The word "research" remains me to the bunch of field study and I remember my mini research projects. Pfhhtttt.....
I felt the butterfly in my tummy. OMG.
Didn't I say before that I'll take this challenge??? O.K.

I'm ready to rock!!!

How lucky I am. All of the members in my group are nice persons.
I met some visionary girls and leaders here.
I can shout in my mind, "O.K. I'M READY TO LEAD AND TO BE LED"

I got this powerful words from my other community; IBGK-SS.
It's was a theme of a seminar by Kak Unes at that time, and it sticks in my heart :)

The keynote speakers of our workshop
We have lots of things to do in this departments. We are welcomed to share our ideas about what kind of programs that we would like to conduct.

It's GREAT!!!

We decided some mayor programs and minors'.

Here is our first mayor program:

This workshop is the first mayor program of our department. It will have other continuous program. Let's say that it is our welcoming door. In conducting this program, we learned so many things.
In this moment, I was point out as public relation staff. I met so many great people. Some of them were highly supporting our program.

Our keynote speakers are the experts of Academic writing. We were so lucky to get some tips and tricks about how to make a good and correct academic writing and publish it. Publishing our writing is the most important thing as the educationist. Through our writing, we can share our knowledge all over the world.

Our great speakers are Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, M. Si. and Dr. Dadang Anshori, M. Si.

Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, M. Si. presented the materials about academic writing

Our workshop theme is:

"Mengembangkan Pemikiran Menjadi Tulisan, Mewujudkan Karya yang Terpublikasi"

I love this theme and the materials given by our experts at that time were exactly talking about it.

All participants were excited about it. So do I :)
The leader of Research and Technology Department was giving merchandise to the speakers

Taking picture together. The speakers; Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, M. Si. Dr. Dadang Anshori, M. Si and all the participants of WORKSHOP Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah

This is the end of our first mayor program.
We have some other programs waiting.
Don't forget to come and join us in each events by FKM SPs. UPI

Coming soon!!!
Reading and Discussion Club (RnD)
Make sure that you don't miss it ^_-

WORKSHOP: How to write academic writing and got published?