Organization,,, again and again ;)

Good evening, Friends :)

This time I want to share you about my recent activities ^^
During my lecture sessions I join an organization. It is called as FKM (Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa)
I really want to know how to be a part of community well and I want to enlarge my link of course; meeting new people and making friends.

I have join some organizations before when I was undergraduate student and I think I hadn't give my best to the community while at the same time I felt so many benefits from it. So that, here I want to try and give my best.

But you know...as usual, nothing is easy :) I know that and I take those challenges. Yeahhh.. I'll rock it (LOL)

This is our first gathering as community; FKM 2014 ^^
We were devided into some groups, and this is mine ^^

For me, it is cold LOL besides, actually I was protecting myself from making trouble for everyone :p

On the way back, we found this beautiful spot ;) so natural and COLD :D

These are some pictures that represent how lucky I am being there :)
Okay, I'll learn from you all and share what I can share to you all :)

Minna- san, Ganbatte ne! ^^

Organization,,, again and again ;)