NENGSIH, the Vitacimin's seller...

It is a story about my environments and me.
It is a late post, but I'd like to share with you.

Friday, April 18th. 2014.
19:07 WIB

I've got a message that ask me to forward it to my other friends. It was about a remaining of an invitation of doing exercise together in the Saturday morning; A GAMES DAY.
Sounds good, moreover I missed the first games day at that time.
O.K. I'll make it.

Saturday, April 19th. 2014.
07.00 WIB

As I planned before, but still my body couldn't cooperate well. pppfffttt.......
a slice of bread and a cup of chocolate milk. as usual...
My bag; a bottle of water, handkerchief, gadgets, purse, and a notebook plus pen. Perfect.
where is my shoes???  ZZzzzz.....
O.K. Let's go!

On the way to the football field, I was eating my bread; a half of it was finish.
I saw my friends were playing football. No!!! it's not football game. I meant, they were playing with the football. I came closer and joint them.
They said that I had to be the "cat"; taking the ball from my other friends while they wouldn't let me catch it. Interesting.
O.K. I'll do my best ^^

It's tiring. I'm never good at running. My lung doesn't cooperate well. as usual.
Thank God, I caught the ball ^^ no need to run over it anymore. Yeay.
But it didn't run smoothly :D as I said before; I'm never good at running. They caught the ball from me and it became my turn again; catching the ball from them.

Time up!

-----------------07.(48) WIB-----------------

They said that we would play another game ^^
I couldn't wait, it must be fun! Let's move.
Taking my bag, sat down for a while, I'm shaking; it's cold all in sudden.
what's wrong to me???

My heart's beats were running soooo fast.
I felt that my lung is full, then they were blurring, slow but sure, their voices were dissappearing.
I was unconscious.

----------------08. (23) WIB---------------
I saw them near to me; all of them; my friends.
Some were talking to me, but I couldn't understand them. (what are you talking about?)
Then, I heard their voice coming. It's hers. Thank God.
I looked at them, worried faced which were trying to make smiling faces. They were making jokes and I was smiling, too.

--------------08. (35) WIB-----------------
Let's play other things!!!
It was fun :)
Thanks friends :)

------------09. (15) WIB-------------------
I felt hungry, so did my friends.
We went to bubur ayam kang Jeki. It was delicious... yummy.

After that we drop by the swimming pool. There was swimming competition there.
There were some stands selling sport's outfits.
After watching the competition, we headed home.

In the middle of the way home.
I couldn't keep myself for picking up the red seeds. They are too beautiful.
Thanks to my friends; they helped me picking them up :)

O.K. let's go home!

-------------11.05 WIB----------------
I walked home alone and saw a girl selling vitacimin (*a brand of vitamin C product)
She was dirty, thin, and ...
I stopped by her and asked for the vitacimin.
She said It was ten thousand for three. Deal.

I just wanted to know  more about her, then I sat next to her; asking some questions.
Realizing my attitude was rude, I behaved myself. It was not good to ask question to unknown people.
Even actually Indonesian doesn't have problem with that too much.

I talked other things with her to attract her attentions.
I did it.
She said that she wants to learn math; she is not good at subtraction.
O.K. Here you are.

I took some leaves and counted it. She was looking at it. Then she understood that we were subtracting the leaves. I thought that she loved it.

We moved under the tree.
Sat down there together and made other subtraction by using the red seeds.
She enjoyed it.

Her name is NENGSIH. She wrote hers on her notebook and let me look at it.

--------------------12.00 WIB-------------------
Time to go home.
Nengsih wanted to go too anyway.
She said that after adzan she had to go to Aa Gym (*refers to Daarut Tauhid Mosque)
She would like to sell vitacimin there.


a moment before parting

NENGSIH, the Vitacimin's seller...