5 Days to go; Registration of Education and Culture Ambassador of South Sumatera 2014.

Good evening, friends ^^
What a nice day, huh? shiny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon :D
Thank God, whatever it is :)

Tonight sharing is about IBGK-SS.
You must know about it (only if you are a cool person LOL and only if you read my previous posts ^^)

Yup, IBGK-SS stands for Ikatan Bujang Gadis Sumatera Selatan.
It is an organization in which the members were selected based on some criteria. We talk about brain, behavior, bravery, loyalty, and integrity.

Excuse me, did you say it is hard????
NO! It is not.
It is a must to have those criteria, because by being the member of this organization, you are being the Education and Culture Ambassador of South Sumatera Province. To be the ambassador, of course, you have to match those criteria.
So, will you keep saying that it's hard??? ^^

This is your chance. Every year, there will be open recruitment and you have to follow all the steps of PBGK (Pemilihan Bujang Gadis Kampus). The very first step is REGISTER yourself!!!

You still have five days to go to register yourself online. Start from 1st- 25th of April 2014.
Go to the official website and click the button Pendaftaran Pemilihan BGK on the right corner. You can find what you are looking for on the right corner, too ^^
See, globalization makes it easy for you ;) wherever you are, you can keep joining us in this great event.

But, don't worry!
You still have seven days to prepare all the documents to fulfill the requirements manually.
1st- 27th of April 2014.
Bring your files with you to our office at:
Sekretariat : Lantai 3 Seksi Kebudayaan,
Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan
Jl. Kapten A. Rivai No.47 Palembang

Contact Person:
1. Nur Harisyah Pratiwi, (085609613334) -
2. Muhammad Abdul Rasyid, (087897511446) -
3. Akhmad Ghozali, (085268468311) - 

This time, there are so many chances for you.
PBGK-SS 2014's committee also provides stands for you to submit yours.

This is the stand in UNSRI Inderalaya

This is the stand in UNSRI Palembang

It also opens in KI Park every Sunday morning. *Kambang Iwak Park on Jalan Merdeka, Palembang

So??? What are you waiting for then???
Let's join us! :)

A week to go...
to be Education and Culture Ambassador of South Sumatera...

5 Days to go; Registration of Education and Culture Ambassador of South Sumatera 2014.