Scholarship 2014; there is a will- there is a way

Good evening, friends.
It is cold night here ^^ how are you all?

This time I'm going to share you some information about scholarship. As I ever told you before about how do I come to this place; yes, because I have dreams.One of my dreams come true; Thanks GOD.
I'm university student now :) It is good to have experience studying here. I learn many things, I meet many kinds of people and I make many friends. Again: Thanks GOD ^^

BPPDN is the way I come to this university. My Professor informed me about that and gave me an important contact which helped me much; his student's, the one who applied for the same scholarship in the previous year, phone number. Her name is mbak Ratna. She helped me much about the documents' preparation even at the end I couldn't use the same way (having recommendation from UNSRI (my almamater) as home base, because they said that UNSRI has many lecturers in its' waiting list already ^^. Then mbak Lisa helped me; she told me that I still can apply for the scholarship but I have to 'sacrifice' myself :P It means that I have to be ready to be placed wherever Dikti wants.
Okay, I can do it ^^ wherever I will be placed...

I'd like to inform about this scholarship to my other friends, so that I link this blog to the official websites of the scholarship

I'm sorry to tell you all that this year, the same scholar as mine is not available anymore (the one for candidates of lecturers, but it is still available for lecturers)--> read more CLICK HERE then CLICK TAB SHOLARSHIP

other scholarships are available as informed at this website --> CLICK HERE

I hope those information could help you all.
I'll share you about other interesting and valuable things in other posts later.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave your comments so I know that you find it useful ^^ then I'll read more...

Good night :)

Scholarship 2014; there is a will- there is a way