CPNS 2014? When and Where? ^^

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Last night, I read some articles related to CPNS 2014. They wrote that there will be a big chance for qualified teachers and lecturers to be hired. Do their qualifications meet on you?
let's check it out!

They said that the first stage will be on July. So make sure that you do not miss any information.
this website CLICK HERE gives us some details about CPNS such as, Test Method for CPNS 2014, the formations for region, the schedule, and information about the priority for every region.

They also informed us about some other formations for teachers in CPNS 2014 in some departments, such as: kemenkumham, kemenkes, kemenag, and so on and so forth. Read it HERE.

and finally, I'll give you the link to the official website for CPNS.
You can read breaking news and subscribe your email there so that you will not miss anything :)
HERE is the official website for CPNS --> http://www.webcpns.com/

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CPNS 2014? When and Where? ^^
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