Let's study Japan Language ^^

Moshi-- moshi...
Good morning, Friends... :)
This is a cold morning, rain cats and dogs... fiuhh..
But, it doesn't matter since we still can do everything in our room ^^

My friends and I are taking short course of Japan language (Nihongo) It is so cool
It's very hard at the very first time, because I cannot remember all the things in a short time; I do need more time.

But, remember this Arabic phrase " Man Jadda wa Jadda", then I get up to catch all the materials that are leaving me behind :D Ganbatte, Alma- chan ^^

Now, I can introduce myself by using Nihongo.
Let's practice ^^

わたし は アルマ プリシリア です。
わたしは インドネシア じん です。
わたし は パレンバン から きました。
わたし は 21さい です。
わたし は がくせい です。
どうぞ よろしく。

It is fun, huh? ^^

let's continue later.. Have a good day, Friends ^^

Let's study Japan Language ^^