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Let's study Japan Language ^^

Moshi-- moshi...
Good morning, Friends... :)
This is a cold morning, rain cats and dogs... fiuhh..
But, it doesn't matter since we still can do everything in our room ^^

My friends and I are taking short course of Japan language (Nihongo) It is so cool
It's very hard at the very first time, because I cannot remember all the things in a short time; I do need more time.

But, remember this Arabic phrase " Man Jadda wa Jadda", then I get up to catch all the materials that are leaving me behind :D Ganbatte, Alma- chan ^^

Now, I can introduce myself by using Nihongo.
Let's practice ^^

わたし は アルマ プリシリア です。
わたしは インドネシア じん です。
わたし は パレンバン から きました。
わたし は 21さい です。
わたし は がくせい です。
どうぞ よろしく。

It is fun, huh? ^^

let's continue later.. Have a good day, Friends ^^

School of Life

Moshi- moshi ^^ How are you all, my friends? New year, huh?? welcome 2014.. 

hope all the best for us,,, better life, happy days, healthy body,etc :)

This year, everybody must having plan. It must be the best things. I hope that all of our resolutions will come true :) I learn so many things from 2013, a year ago.

I learn about friendship....

How far we are apart, it doesn't matter.....
We have the same feeling in our hearts ;) hope someday we'll meet again and share our happy things... sharing our happy feeling of being successful.. Aaamiiin

Even it's only a short time... the days could be counted by our fingers only... even the months
It doesn't matter, we felt the bad and nice thing together and it made us close enough to be friends ^^
Let's meet up someday and do a nice thing one more time............

It wasn't a short moment with you, it's quite long since we could understand each other well, this time. We are growing and being better day by day....
We f…