Take care of yourself... Vitamin C is not enough

It's raining all the day and it's hot, too all the day :s
It's confusing...
In this time, our body will work harder than usual. It needs to adapt in the situations.
Vitamin C is very important. I take it for every day in my life, but my body is too weak.
So, since yesterday I just had to stay in my room; laying on my bed and feel so dizzy.
Yes, I got fever :(

It is not nice, when I have many things to do, I can't do it.
I was unlucky. I took vitamin C but it's not enough. I still got fever. Yesterday, I did not do anything. I even can't get up; soooo weak :(

This morning, I forced myself to get up.
I took bath and dressed up. I planned going to laboratory school to do a mini research there.
But, I can't do that :( my body is still weak. I'm not dizzy and not getting fever anymore, but ...
I have no energy since my body can't eat at all.

So, to all my friends here. What I wonna share to you is

Take care of yourself :) taking vitamin C is not enough. Eat clean and healthy food are the best you can do :)

Take care of yourself... Vitamin C is not enough