Rush Hour :D

Moshi- Moshi.. Anyeong haseo... Hello...

Good afternoon, everyone :)
Finally I have time to write here (again), since actually I'm very bad in managing my time.
I think I need more time LOL 24 hours are not enough anymore for me :P
Every morning I wake up and realize that I'm not doing my best. It's terrible.

Rather than talking about my limited time, let me share you my other experiences here.
It's fully 2 month I'm being here :)
Let's say: I do know some places already and the way to get there, too :D
I found a farm on the top of famous mall in Bandung; PvJ :D it's cool ;)

On ied Adha day, I went Yogyakarta by train. I took 10 hours from Bandung to Yogyakarta (it should be 8 hours only actually) :D

Here we are :) in my sister's
I spend three days with my sister. We went to some places by bicycle :)
We spend our time together ^^

we also buy candy in Km. 0, Yogyakarta :D It was fun
Then, last week, I went to my cousin's house in Cilegon. It only took 5 hours from Bandung to there. I took a bus :) I went there to visiting my family :)

and this week: I have to catch up all the materials since I spend a lot of time to traveling x_x
I even went to Anyer beach *\^^/*

so, you get the point right; you know already now; why do I think I need more time :D
I'm very bad in managing my time this month. 

I left a step behind and now I have to run very fast to be able to be in finish line :)


What about you, guys?
Is everything alright?

Rush Hour :D