I look . . .

Tomorrow is free day; It is SUNDAY *yeay*

What am I going to do?
You know the answers already :P (only if you read the previous post :D) but, before come to that main menu LOL I'm going to refresh my mind; as usual I'll write for you :D

Let me share you about my school life ;) it is not really interesting for some of you --perhaps-- 
but, I believe that you can get some values by reading this weekend post :)

At the first time, all of new students have to join matriculation class :)
It is kind a simulation of what we are going to face in the real class later.
Institution also provides some topics for us to be mastered, such as: learning how to write for pleasure and write for academic. Our Professor is very talented; he is smart. I'm feeling blessed getting materials from him.
We learned how to write from the very beginning part. It is cool. WOW
Our writing class was very meaningful for me :) I learn a lot.

When I was undergraduate student, my lecturers taught me very well.
They are very discipline. I do have two Professors that are very great. They are very discipline and smart. We were encouraged to keep upgrading our skills. That is why I am here :) I'm learning...
Having class with my two Profs were very nice; I am custom to read articles from English journals because of them and that was very helpful.

So, I didn't feel strange when I have a discipline and to the point writing class in matriculation :D
But, real classes are not that simple... :D
In fact, the class sessions YES just same as matriculation's but the TASKS????


hahahhaaa............. :-D

Yeah, but that's the only way to be smart ;)
Let's take all the tasks and give our bests.

I look . . .