How to improve our speaking skill?

Good afternoon :D
ups,, it's almost midnight :)
I'm working on some assignments tonight, but I need to refresh my mind for awhile; here is the right place ^^

In this small room, I keep the light on while my sister is sleeping because I'm still working. That's bad.
I shouldn't do that actually :( fortunately, my sister is a very nice girl :) thanks Adikk :*

Alright, just go to the point :) you see that tonight I'm going to share you some tips to improve our speaking ability. It's a request from my lovely classmate :)

It's not instant of course, but my tips are so standard; it's a common suggestion.
BUT, trust me, IT WORKS.

The very first thing to improve ours is SPEAK UP.

Absolutely it's the main point. We can't improve our speaking skill if we are not dare to speak.

(but, my pronunciation is not good. I can't speak fluently. I'm afraid of making mistakes. I'm not talented)

YES, YOU ARE NOT even ME. I'm not the expert one, but that's our goal.
We wonna have good pronunciation; speak fluently; do not make mistakes; and being talented.

How can we speak fluently if we are not speak, everything needs practice (A LOT; MANY TIMES; REGULARLY) ----> that's the key.

Then, when we are dare to speak, we can fix some details, such as pronunciation, stress, or even accent whether you wonna speak like British people or American people. But, believe me that accent is not a big point. Don't force ourselves to be like those people. We can have our own accent. The main point is we speak clearly and correctly AND PEOPLE COULD UNDERSTAND US :)

So, simple ;) isn't it???

Pronunciation is a big matter actually, because English word has so many sounds. Let me make it clear.
We have letter and the way we pronounce that letter is called as sound.
there are many kinds of English sounds; voiced and voiceless, etc.

Look at this example:
p ------- it's a letter
/p/ ------ it's the sound of 'p'

In this case, letter p has the same written form in its sound but you need to highlight that sounds are presented in slash (/ /). To practice the sounds of each words you can see the written form of the sounds in the dictionary.

But, some sounds are presented very different to the written form of the letter.
th ------------ /Ɵ/

That's gonna make you confused, videos will help us much in learning this skill. I've download some videos about it. You can contact me so I can share you or you can go to the link below in which you can learn from the native from videos ;) 

I can't attach the videos here, because it's a regulation of the website which I download at. that's very good examples ^^ 

You can practice by yourselves and do not even need a teacher ;)

let's be better...
Keep upgrading our competences and share each other ;)

Download the videos HERE

How to improve our speaking skill?