Unity: SMPLL, Friends, Students, and me :)


Class? Class? Class? :)

How are you, all?
Hey, do you still remember our rules? ;)
5 things that you should understand in our class, but I do believe that you still remember and follow the rules :D because Sir. Wandi does have the same rules as mine :D

That's for seventh graders.
What about eighth graders??? How are you, guys? How's everything there?
Do you keep practicing English just like I told you :)
Keep in touch, OK!

Here are some pictures that seventh graders sent to me last week.
They are keepin' touch and informing me all activities they had there.
I hope whether eighth and ninth grader do the same, too.

Mutiara and Rizka informed me about class competition during Indonesia's freedom day's celebration :) there are carnival and gardening.
you all have to compete to be the best. I love to know it... Just wonder if I could be there.
(You know what am I gonna do, don't you? :D)
(Yesssss...... absolutely I'm gonna take pictures as many as possible :p)

Congratulation for the winner *\^^/* 

Here is our class captain; Bagus #71 #SMPLL and Rizka... :) 

Carnaval day *\^^/*

My class and my partner :) He is Sir. Wandi. Home teacher of 71 now :) Good luck everyone ;)

Go Green.... Save this world... Yeaaah

Hello, class :)

Mutiara and friends were preparing the stuffs for carnival day

My lovely students... You are gorgeous, sweetheart :)

Who are you? :D look so different that usual; So beautiful, honey :)

Look! Here are my kids :D fabulous *\^^/*

I'm waiting for your other activities reports there.
Keep studying, guys.
Do your best ;)

Ganbatte kudasai, minna....

Unity: SMPLL, Friends, Students, and me :)