SMP-LL Carnaval :D celebrating Indonesia's Freedom Day-PART 1-

Moshi- Moshi... :)

I have a  good internet connection today :P
So, I'm going to share some activities done by my little friends in Lematang Lestari Junior High School, Banuayu- Rambang Dangku district, Muara Enim regency, South Sumatera province- Indonesia.

Actually, it is not the newest activities they are doing now.
It was activities on August :D but because of some condition, I'm just being able to post it now.
(sumimasen desuka *bowing)

Some of you maybe little big confused when I write in English but also some terms in Nihongo Language :D
Yeah, it's all because I do love any languages :D I really want to be able speaking in Japan Language and in our school (Lematang Lestari Junior High), we have japan language, too. Poor me, I don't have much time to learn there but I keep some efforts to be able speaking that language, too. That's why, I put some terms in Nihongo that I know in order to keep them in my mind :D 

Learning by doing  my favorite thing :D that's my motto :P 
Last month was so meaningful for me.
I spent lot of things with my students, my partners, and my families :)
Here are some picture that we had together :)

What a nice day :D
this picture was taken on August 17. 2013
We went to Pak Edi's House after flag ceremony :) I'm singing while Pak Edi's playing keyboard :)

He is our principal, Pak Mugiarsih------>
Short time being part of this school but I find a family :)

Lematang Lestari Junior High Teachers :)

In front of Pak Edi's House: at Griya Jabon- Townsite

The most handsome is Pak Budi, our electricity teacher :)

Mbak Wayan and me....
In the afternoon on August 17.2013
The Three Men Last Standing :) Paskibra's Tutors :)

These are not all of the pictures :)
I do still have many of them ;) I'll share later to you, OK :)

Wait for Part 2 :D

SMP-LL Carnaval :D celebrating Indonesia's Freedom Day-PART 1-