Language to unite :)

Good morning, everyone...
I don't have class this morning, so I just read some books and suddenly want to write here :)

Can you see the title of this post today?
Yes... I do love that title.

I still remember my favorite subjects when I was an undergraduate student :) It is Socio-Psycho Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. I do remember my Professor's way of explaining :) So inspiring.
Prof. Ihsan is really a good teacher for me. What I remember most is function of language.
From all of his explanations, I got an idea that language is a power to make this universe unite.
Having that hypothesis, I'm trying to apply it in my life (I conduct my own research :p)

My Professor ever told us that the choice of language we used influences our communication. As long as we understand each other that is communication, but we do have to consider another aspect such as what kind of communication. Yes it's called communication as long as the message delivered, but who are our partner in communication will make the way of communication different :)

We need to communicate politely to the one elder and we can speak freely to the same ages or say nicely to the younger one. Another  thing I remember from this subject is people are happy when they are speak to them with the same language. There are such a feeling that make them feel being appreciate.

So, I train myself to learn languages. Indonesia has so many local languages. In my place- South Sumatera- each regency; each district; has its own language. Of course, I cannot master all in a time, but know a little bit only :P It is fun. I proof what Prof said. 

Yes people are happy when I speak to them with their local language. They find a same thing in communication. They feel a connection. It is not only a communication at all, we build a connection by heart; being appreciate is humanity.

I do know Besemah language because my Mom comes from that regency. I also do know Lintang language because my father comes from there, even my grandma keep using that language anytime :)
When I worked in Rambang Dangku- Muara Enim, I learned how to speak using their local language. It's so much fun :) Yes it needs time. Nothing instant. Sometime. we get misunderstanding, but local people taught me slowly :) we are having fun while learning. That's nice

Now, I'm in a totally different place.
Different language of course :) and culture??? oh no.... LOL 
I need time to understand. Different language in every district in South Sumatera -my origin- is not too difficult. at least we have same culture. Now, different province- different island- different culture too :D
I can't wait to elaborate my experience through language.
Culture shock??? Of course . . .
But that's learning. We find mistake and we get point :) making mistake is not bad at all, by that we do understand that is mistake and we can make a better one next time. That's what we call learning by doing.
The problem now, is it OK to make mistake? will local people here can stand to teach me? hahahhaa...
 be patient to me please... LOL
tell me that it is wrong and teach me what is the correct one :) I'm a great listener really (hahahhaa)

Another subject is Second Language Acquisition.
The best I ever get is the explanation about performance and competence.
It's soooo inspiring :)
And I do have experience about those things.

Overall, I love learning anything :D

That's all our post today, hope you get some value after read it ;) Thank you for reading.
Keep make this world unite :) keep love and share :)

Language to unite :)