Job Vacancy: CPNS 2013

Good morning, my friends :)
It's a nice starting for this week. I smell fresh air around and it's cloudy :) no sun-- just as usual--

I'm in Bandung now. This city is good and the air is fresh, but it's very cold :P
At the first time being here, I couldn't stand on this weather. On my place--Muara Enim, South Sumatera- Indonesia-- is not as cold as here :D I can say, it is warm or even hot there :D

New place, new language, new weather and the most I like is new friends.
I love making friends anytime; anywhere. Seems like we have a giant family whenever we go :D
Friends in Palembang, friends in Muara Enim, Friends in the whole Sumatera, friends in java; friends are my family :)

To make a good starting for this week, I'm going to inform you some job vacancy that might be useful for you. You also can tell this news to your other friends :)

For some reasons, I subscribe my email in order to be up to date of any job vacancy. Here are some websites subscribed  by me:

  1. www.poskerja.com
  2. www.lokerdir.com
It's also published some information about CPNS for this year :)

Happy browsing, friends.

Job Vacancy: CPNS 2013