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Here are the Final Scores of your examination.
This is only for the Event Semester Exam. Your Report Scores will be calculated together with your other scores in daily activities, tasks, Odd Semester and Mid Term. (included your task in

For Those who are not complete yet, you have to make another assignments
I'll tell you later.
As soon as possible ;)

M. Farhan Fauzan, you need to see me as soon as possible for taking the written test
Congratulation for those who are complete this sections, you step forward and it really makes a sense. Don't think that it's enough, keep studying and make it better next time.
Regards, Ms. Alma

Find Happiness while Studying English ^ ^

Hi, Class.... Are you one of those who thinks that English is difficult? See... Now, I'm going to turn your mindset out through this FUN ENGLISH GAMES.
You will find that English is not that hard ;)
Have you choose which game do you want to play at the first????
Don't worry you can play any games by one click on this list and come to this blog anytime whenever you want to play again. I'll try my best to always update the newest games for you all.
Have fun, guys :)

See, these are only some :) Play this and practice your English... for any comments or questions you can text it in guest book (buku tamu) in this page ;)

Thank you very much.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of IBGK- SS

Good Day, everybody :)
How is going on?

This page is created in order to inform you more about IBGK-SS.
When the questions cross in your mind and it deals with IBGK-SS, here is the answer :)

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions):

1. What is IBGK-SS?
IBGK, stands for Ikatan Bujang Gadis Kampus Sumatera Selatan, is an organization that selects its member by a selection of the Finalist that will be given a title Education and Culture Ambassador of South Sumatera (Duta Pendidikan dan Budaya Sumatera Selatan)

2. How to join IBGK-SS?
A chance to join IBGK-SS is given to any college students in South Sumatera. You can register yourself to join the selection.

3. When is the registration for selection opened?
It opens once a year. Usually the registration open on February and the selection on April.

4. Is there any specific requirements beside being a university students?
Yes, there are some requirements for you to prepare and it depends on the decision every year. For further  information you …

Pengumuman PSB SMP Lematang Lestari 2013

Moshi- moshi :)

We are going to announce
the result of PSB of Lematang Lestari Junior High School based on the practice and written tests score.

Here are the list of those who are pass and could join to the next step.

wait till it's 15.40 a.m

okay, please be patient :D

List of Materials

Here are the English materials for Grade VII. Click on the following materials to read completely :)

1. Expression of Asking for and Offering Help
2. Procedure Text
3. Imperative Sentence
4. Expression of Asking and Responding about Hobby
5. Expressing Like and Dislike
6. My Daily Activities (Simple Present Tense)
7. What is It Like? (Public Places, Giving Direction, Adjective, Noun Phrase)
8. Describing Place (Preposition)
9. Expression of asking for and Giving Fact
10. Physical Description
11. Occupation/ Job/ Profession
12. Expression of asking for and Giving Things
13. Memo & SMS (Polite Request)

Alright Class,
Here are some English materials for you to study at home. Hope that these materials could enrich your knowledge :)
Keep Learn English because it helps us much...
Go Go Fighting :D