My Cute Smart Kitten, Black.

I have a kitten, the colour is black. That is why I call him; Black. Seems like he understood that it is his given name, so he always comes whenever I call "Black".

Black's first day at our home :)

I take after him since he was a baby cat. My mom gave me a black kitten at that time. She told me that she found him in the office without his Mom. So, my mom took a pity on him and brought him home. She knew that I love the cat.

Black is always with me, at home he plays with me but he live outside.
Now, I move to TeL because I become an English teacher in Junior High School here.
I brought Black with me, too. I hope that he could accompany me here.

We have been together in three weeks here, and it is in progressing of the fourth week.
I bring him along whenever I back home, because we took my Daddy's car so I can bring Black, too.
But, last weekend I didn't bring him with me. My Daddy didn't pick us up, so I took a bus to go home.
I left Black in our home. I did prepare everything for him; the foods, the place for him pup, the water to drink, and even his comfortable bed. But He looked sad :(

Black is sad at the time I left him :( sorry, Black... I didn't mean it :'(

Something strange happened when I went back to TeL on Sunday. Black looked angry to me. He scream when I tried to touch or hug him. Then I realized that it was my fault leaving him alone.

Today is Wednesday, I found him hurt last night. I found a strange thing about him. He walks slowly and doesn't use his back feet. I'm worried about him. Is he sick?

Then, I read some articles in internet. They way he acts indicates that he is sick (based on the articles I read) but, I do not know what kind of illness. :-(

I can't do anything, but vitamin. I gave him B complex.
This morning he takes a bath by using warm water. That's all what I can do so far.

Now I have to go to school, I need to teach my lovely students and leave Black alone (again).
I'm happy to meet my students but also sad to leave Black. I need time to take him care. I want to make him health like usual.

Yaa Allah, please save him.


My Cute Smart Kitten, Black.
  1. Now, Black is dead.
    He is the best I have...
    thanks to be with me, Black. I love you coz Allah.
    Hope it lessen or even remove all your pain.
    Be happy right there :) Miss you, everytime