New Places: New Hope

Good Morning... happy weekend :)

Saya mau bagi cerita dan pengalaman hari ini :)

this is my completed third week in my new place. What do you think?
Yes, everything has good and bad thing; of course :D
I count them as a life course, well considering it's a free course and I just enjoy then ;p

I have a role to be an English teacher here, yes it's my background.
I ever taught English before in a small  area and it makes my job a bit different :p

And it is a place for me to study more and more. Study about English and study about how to treat students in a bigger area. The most valuable I experienced is study about facing new people with all their characters.

My first day working here is not as smooth as my sisters' skin LOL
I do faced many weird things, beside I just tried to adapt and the other treatment to me, too.
Some are kind, but some just look me down. I understood, that is rule of life.

So, it do not bother me much.
I'll keep going and doing my best.

because I believe that : Everyone is kind person and I do believe that they didn't mean to do bad thing to me. Maybe it's just the way they adapt to me :)

Hope, Allah always bless us. Aaaamiiin

New Places: New Hope