Take care of yourself... Vitamin C is not enough

Take care of yourself... Vitamin C is not enough

It's raining all the day and it's hot, too all the day :s
It's confusing...
In this time, our body will work harder than usual. It needs to adapt in the situations.
Vitamin C is very important. I take it for every day in my life, but my body is too weak.
So, since yesterday I just had to stay in my room; laying on my bed and feel so dizzy.
Yes, I got fever :(

It is not nice, when I have many things to do, I can't do it.
I was unlucky. I took vitamin C but it's not enough. I still got fever. Yesterday, I did not do anything. I even can't get up; soooo weak :(

This morning, I forced myself to get up.
I took bath and dressed up. I planned going to laboratory school to do a mini research there.
But, I can't do that :( my body is still weak. I'm not dizzy and not getting fever anymore, but ...
I have no energy since my body can't eat at all.

So, to all my friends here. What I wonna share to you is

Take care of yourself :) taking vitamin C is not enough. Eat clean and healthy food are the best you can do :)
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New Social Media full of rewards ;)

New Social Media full of rewards ;)

Good afternoon, friends :)
For our tonight closure, I'm going to share you one of interesting websites in which you can get many rewards just by registering yourself there ;)


a social media from Indonesia *\^^/*

I'm newbie there, but I can tell you that it is nice.
So, this is just like other social- media (facebook, yuwie, and many others)
In this website you can find many friends, join any groups which are suitable to you, write article and so on.
 While you are having fun in this website, you can get rewards ;) that is the different ;) REWARDS everywhere :D the condition is you have to be active here,,,

they also create some quizzes sometimes ;)
so, don't waste your time-- just directly join us here.
Make up your free times and get rewards with me....

Let's get social and get rewards :)

You can click this to see the website:
Situs jejaring sosial yang membayar anggotanya

Enjoy guys ;)
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Teachers' ROLES

Teachers' ROLES

Being an effective teacher is A MUST.
Some of teachers do it smoothly; they encourage their students well; keeping them in the right track, and so on.

Is it enough???

Big NO, NO,,,

I'll share you some points of being an effective teacher. From some literature I found same roles: it's common roles but not all of teacher know how to act just like the roles mean.

According to Brown (2001), Harmer (2007a, 2007b), teachers' roles are:
  1. Controller: giving rules in the classroom related to the classroom activities
  2. Organizer: managing the classroom activities well
  3. Assessor: could assess the students in every process they are in
  4. Prompter: teach students the language system
  5. Participant: being involved in the classroom activities
  6. Resource → helpful but not spoon-feeding
  7. Observer → student / material / activities
  8. Tutor → intimate help
These are only brief summary, those are the definition only. HOW TO ACT?
Some of the teachers come up with his/ her natural way; only need some improvement, but some aren't.
That will become big problems if teachers are not aware of these roles, because it could affect the teaching- learning process and the outcomes.

So, teachers....
Let's keep upgrading our competences....
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How to improve our speaking skill?

How to improve our speaking skill?

Good afternoon :D
ups,, it's almost midnight :)
I'm working on some assignments tonight, but I need to refresh my mind for awhile; here is the right place ^^

In this small room, I keep the light on while my sister is sleeping because I'm still working. That's bad.
I shouldn't do that actually :( fortunately, my sister is a very nice girl :) thanks Adikk :*

Alright, just go to the point :) you see that tonight I'm going to share you some tips to improve our speaking ability. It's a request from my lovely classmate :)

It's not instant of course, but my tips are so standard; it's a common suggestion.
BUT, trust me, IT WORKS.

The very first thing to improve ours is SPEAK UP.

Absolutely it's the main point. We can't improve our speaking skill if we are not dare to speak.

(but, my pronunciation is not good. I can't speak fluently. I'm afraid of making mistakes. I'm not talented)

YES, YOU ARE NOT even ME. I'm not the expert one, but that's our goal.
We wonna have good pronunciation; speak fluently; do not make mistakes; and being talented.

How can we speak fluently if we are not speak, everything needs practice (A LOT; MANY TIMES; REGULARLY) ----> that's the key.

Then, when we are dare to speak, we can fix some details, such as pronunciation, stress, or even accent whether you wonna speak like British people or American people. But, believe me that accent is not a big point. Don't force ourselves to be like those people. We can have our own accent. The main point is we speak clearly and correctly AND PEOPLE COULD UNDERSTAND US :)

So, simple ;) isn't it???

Pronunciation is a big matter actually, because English word has so many sounds. Let me make it clear.
We have letter and the way we pronounce that letter is called as sound.
there are many kinds of English sounds; voiced and voiceless, etc.

Look at this example:
p ------- it's a letter
/p/ ------ it's the sound of 'p'

In this case, letter p has the same written form in its sound but you need to highlight that sounds are presented in slash (/ /). To practice the sounds of each words you can see the written form of the sounds in the dictionary.

But, some sounds are presented very different to the written form of the letter.
th ------------ /Ɵ/

That's gonna make you confused, videos will help us much in learning this skill. I've download some videos about it. You can contact me so I can share you or you can go to the link below in which you can learn from the native from videos ;) 

I can't attach the videos here, because it's a regulation of the website which I download at. that's very good examples ^^ 

You can practice by yourselves and do not even need a teacher ;)

let's be better...
Keep upgrading our competences and share each other ;)

Download the videos HERE
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I look . . .

I look . . .

Tomorrow is free day; It is SUNDAY *yeay*

What am I going to do?
You know the answers already :P (only if you read the previous post :D) but, before come to that main menu LOL I'm going to refresh my mind; as usual I'll write for you :D

Let me share you about my school life ;) it is not really interesting for some of you --perhaps-- 
but, I believe that you can get some values by reading this weekend post :)

At the first time, all of new students have to join matriculation class :)
It is kind a simulation of what we are going to face in the real class later.
Institution also provides some topics for us to be mastered, such as: learning how to write for pleasure and write for academic. Our Professor is very talented; he is smart. I'm feeling blessed getting materials from him.
We learned how to write from the very beginning part. It is cool. WOW
Our writing class was very meaningful for me :) I learn a lot.

When I was undergraduate student, my lecturers taught me very well.
They are very discipline. I do have two Professors that are very great. They are very discipline and smart. We were encouraged to keep upgrading our skills. That is why I am here :) I'm learning...
Having class with my two Profs were very nice; I am custom to read articles from English journals because of them and that was very helpful.

So, I didn't feel strange when I have a discipline and to the point writing class in matriculation :D
But, real classes are not that simple... :D
In fact, the class sessions YES just same as matriculation's but the TASKS????


hahahhaaa............. :-D

Yeah, but that's the only way to be smart ;)
Let's take all the tasks and give our bests.
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Rush Hour :D

Rush Hour :D

Moshi- Moshi.. Anyeong haseo... Hello...

Good afternoon, everyone :)
Finally I have time to write here (again), since actually I'm very bad in managing my time.
I think I need more time LOL 24 hours are not enough anymore for me :P
Every morning I wake up and realize that I'm not doing my best. It's terrible.

Rather than talking about my limited time, let me share you my other experiences here.
It's fully 2 month I'm being here :)
Let's say: I do know some places already and the way to get there, too :D
I found a farm on the top of famous mall in Bandung; PvJ :D it's cool ;)

On ied Adha day, I went Yogyakarta by train. I took 10 hours from Bandung to Yogyakarta (it should be 8 hours only actually) :D

Here we are :) in my sister's
I spend three days with my sister. We went to some places by bicycle :)
We spend our time together ^^

we also buy candy in Km. 0, Yogyakarta :D It was fun
Then, last week, I went to my cousin's house in Cilegon. It only took 5 hours from Bandung to there. I took a bus :) I went there to visiting my family :)

and this week: I have to catch up all the materials since I spend a lot of time to traveling x_x
I even went to Anyer beach *\^^/*

so, you get the point right; you know already now; why do I think I need more time :D
I'm very bad in managing my time this month. 

I left a step behind and now I have to run very fast to be able to be in finish line :)


What about you, guys?
Is everything alright?
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Language to unite :)

Language to unite :)

Good morning, everyone...
I don't have class this morning, so I just read some books and suddenly want to write here :)

Can you see the title of this post today?
Yes... I do love that title.

I still remember my favorite subjects when I was an undergraduate student :) It is Socio-Psycho Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. I do remember my Professor's way of explaining :) So inspiring.
Prof. Ihsan is really a good teacher for me. What I remember most is function of language.
From all of his explanations, I got an idea that language is a power to make this universe unite.
Having that hypothesis, I'm trying to apply it in my life (I conduct my own research :p)

My Professor ever told us that the choice of language we used influences our communication. As long as we understand each other that is communication, but we do have to consider another aspect such as what kind of communication. Yes it's called communication as long as the message delivered, but who are our partner in communication will make the way of communication different :)

We need to communicate politely to the one elder and we can speak freely to the same ages or say nicely to the younger one. Another  thing I remember from this subject is people are happy when they are speak to them with the same language. There are such a feeling that make them feel being appreciate.

So, I train myself to learn languages. Indonesia has so many local languages. In my place- South Sumatera- each regency; each district; has its own language. Of course, I cannot master all in a time, but know a little bit only :P It is fun. I proof what Prof said. 

Yes people are happy when I speak to them with their local language. They find a same thing in communication. They feel a connection. It is not only a communication at all, we build a connection by heart; being appreciate is humanity.

I do know Besemah language because my Mom comes from that regency. I also do know Lintang language because my father comes from there, even my grandma keep using that language anytime :)
When I worked in Rambang Dangku- Muara Enim, I learned how to speak using their local language. It's so much fun :) Yes it needs time. Nothing instant. Sometime. we get misunderstanding, but local people taught me slowly :) we are having fun while learning. That's nice

Now, I'm in a totally different place.
Different language of course :) and culture??? oh no.... LOL 
I need time to understand. Different language in every district in South Sumatera -my origin- is not too difficult. at least we have same culture. Now, different province- different island- different culture too :D
I can't wait to elaborate my experience through language.
Culture shock??? Of course . . .
But that's learning. We find mistake and we get point :) making mistake is not bad at all, by that we do understand that is mistake and we can make a better one next time. That's what we call learning by doing.
The problem now, is it OK to make mistake? will local people here can stand to teach me? hahahhaa...
 be patient to me please... LOL
tell me that it is wrong and teach me what is the correct one :) I'm a great listener really (hahahhaa)

Another subject is Second Language Acquisition.
The best I ever get is the explanation about performance and competence.
It's soooo inspiring :)
And I do have experience about those things.

Overall, I love learning anything :D

That's all our post today, hope you get some value after read it ;) Thank you for reading.
Keep make this world unite :) keep love and share :)

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Unity: SMPLL, Friends, Students, and me :)

Unity: SMPLL, Friends, Students, and me :)


Class? Class? Class? :)

How are you, all?
Hey, do you still remember our rules? ;)
5 things that you should understand in our class, but I do believe that you still remember and follow the rules :D because Sir. Wandi does have the same rules as mine :D

That's for seventh graders.
What about eighth graders??? How are you, guys? How's everything there?
Do you keep practicing English just like I told you :)
Keep in touch, OK!

Here are some pictures that seventh graders sent to me last week.
They are keepin' touch and informing me all activities they had there.
I hope whether eighth and ninth grader do the same, too.

Mutiara and Rizka informed me about class competition during Indonesia's freedom day's celebration :) there are carnival and gardening.
you all have to compete to be the best. I love to know it... Just wonder if I could be there.
(You know what am I gonna do, don't you? :D)
(Yesssss...... absolutely I'm gonna take pictures as many as possible :p)

Congratulation for the winner *\^^/* 

Here is our class captain; Bagus #71 #SMPLL and Rizka... :) 

Carnaval day *\^^/*

My class and my partner :) He is Sir. Wandi. Home teacher of 71 now :) Good luck everyone ;)

Go Green.... Save this world... Yeaaah

Hello, class :)

Mutiara and friends were preparing the stuffs for carnival day

My lovely students... You are gorgeous, sweetheart :)

Who are you? :D look so different that usual; So beautiful, honey :)

Look! Here are my kids :D fabulous *\^^/*

I'm waiting for your other activities reports there.
Keep studying, guys.
Do your best ;)

Ganbatte kudasai, minna....
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SMP-LL Carnaval :D celebrating Indonesia's Freedom Day-PART 1-

SMP-LL Carnaval :D celebrating Indonesia's Freedom Day-PART 1-

Moshi- Moshi... :)

I have a  good internet connection today :P
So, I'm going to share some activities done by my little friends in Lematang Lestari Junior High School, Banuayu- Rambang Dangku district, Muara Enim regency, South Sumatera province- Indonesia.

Actually, it is not the newest activities they are doing now.
It was activities on August :D but because of some condition, I'm just being able to post it now.
(sumimasen desuka *bowing)

Some of you maybe little big confused when I write in English but also some terms in Nihongo Language :D
Yeah, it's all because I do love any languages :D I really want to be able speaking in Japan Language and in our school (Lematang Lestari Junior High), we have japan language, too. Poor me, I don't have much time to learn there but I keep some efforts to be able speaking that language, too. That's why, I put some terms in Nihongo that I know in order to keep them in my mind :D 

Learning by doing  my favorite thing :D that's my motto :P 
Last month was so meaningful for me.
I spent lot of things with my students, my partners, and my families :)
Here are some picture that we had together :)

What a nice day :D
this picture was taken on August 17. 2013
We went to Pak Edi's House after flag ceremony :) I'm singing while Pak Edi's playing keyboard :)

He is our principal, Pak Mugiarsih------>
Short time being part of this school but I find a family :)

Lematang Lestari Junior High Teachers :)

In front of Pak Edi's House: at Griya Jabon- Townsite

The most handsome is Pak Budi, our electricity teacher :)

Mbak Wayan and me....
In the afternoon on August 17.2013
The Three Men Last Standing :) Paskibra's Tutors :)

These are not all of the pictures :)
I do still have many of them ;) I'll share later to you, OK :)

Wait for Part 2 :D
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Job Vacancy: CPNS 2013

Job Vacancy: CPNS 2013

Good morning, my friends :)
It's a nice starting for this week. I smell fresh air around and it's cloudy :) no sun-- just as usual--

I'm in Bandung now. This city is good and the air is fresh, but it's very cold :P
At the first time being here, I couldn't stand on this weather. On my place--Muara Enim, South Sumatera- Indonesia-- is not as cold as here :D I can say, it is warm or even hot there :D

New place, new language, new weather and the most I like is new friends.
I love making friends anytime; anywhere. Seems like we have a giant family whenever we go :D
Friends in Palembang, friends in Muara Enim, Friends in the whole Sumatera, friends in java; friends are my family :)

To make a good starting for this week, I'm going to inform you some job vacancy that might be useful for you. You also can tell this news to your other friends :)

For some reasons, I subscribe my email in order to be up to date of any job vacancy. Here are some websites subscribed  by me:

  1. www.poskerja.com
  2. www.lokerdir.com
It's also published some information about CPNS for this year :)

Happy browsing, friends.
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My 'Lil Friends ... Great Connection :)

My 'Lil Friends ... Great Connection :)

Good morning :)
I'm glad to greet you again in this web :D it's kinda hard for me to connect to internet during my first time here :( I'll try and error every provider that could be great to be used here. Now, I find it and have decide to use it :D thanks God ;)

How are you my friends? I really miss the moment gathering with you :D do you feel so?
I heard you did many activities there, and I feel a bit jealous hahahaha.. I wonna be there with you.
Do your best for every moment :) make us proud of you all.

Love you so much, my 'lil friends> ({})

Here are our pictures, Sorry for being late to post x_x

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Going hometown :)

Going hometown :)

It is an annual program for every Moslem :) but, it is not a must :P
My family is not always going hometown every Idul Fitri. Sometime, we just stay at home and visit each other. It is happy day :)

This Idul Fitri, we went hometown; in the third day. The last time I visited my village in 2009; it was 4 years ago. Seems like I miss the village air :D

Overall, I'm happy to going home.

 This is my village :D it is so cool here ><
and I took this picture after raining hard
 On the way to my village, we took a rest to have lunch :D
She is my lovely MOm :* This picture taken in the first day of Idul Fitri in our house before we went to village

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How are you, Class?

How are you, Class?

Good evening :)
It's been so late to post but I just can't sleep.

So here is the late posting and I wonder what are you doin' now :D

Is everything alright?
It's holiday but I miss my kids already :D do you miss me, kids? ahahahaha LOL

So, just to cure my lonely feeling cause of missing you, Guys.. I wonna share our photos ;)

grade 7.1

it's Saturday, July 27.2013 :)
 This picture taken on a day before the kids got announcement about holiday :)

We took picture together in our lovely class:


Look at the kids in the middle :D
they are Raja and Adit: Our fabulous friends


My Kids and I :)

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Grade 7's Annual Program

Grade 7's Annual Program

Here is your list of materials for this year :)

Odd semester means Semester Ganjil and Even semester means Semester Genap. You can see from the table below which are the materials you should master in a semester.

So, you can prepare yourself to read earlier about the materials.
The materials are the highlighted ones :)

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Break Fasting Together with YP-TeL Family ({})

Break Fasting Together with YP-TeL Family ({})

It was a fun night :)
I feel so lucky to be here, it is a short time but I belong to this family :)
Everyone is very nice and I just love everything here: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G :)

She is my sister :D Miss Citra Anggraini

Yesterday, she was busy prepare everything :D
and she was nominated as THE ICE QUEEN


These are my partners and me :)
Teachers of YP-TeL

I'd like to thank to all of them to take care of me all the time I've been here :)
They taught me many things.

In the waiting time of break fasting yesterday, YP-TeL announced some awards :D

1. The best student: Izzah from SD-LL
2. The best teacher: Ibu Nurul from TK-LL
3. The best school: SMP-LL

Congratulations *\^ ^/*

My sisters .....
These are the strong girls ;)
I learn a lot from them.... Arigatou...

My sisters, My Kids and I :D
We are happy together :D

Time for Break Fasting \^ ^/

Our principal in white clothes :)

Mr. Didi in gray clothes :)

and Mam Asri :)

Tekwan time...

I'm going to miss this food...
sooo yummy ><

Mr. Edi Cahyono and his wife :)
Thanks for coming everyone ___

Happy Together :)

Take a pose...


Time to Clean Up :D

Mariii cuci piring :D

with Bu Ana and mbak Wayan....
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Opening Ceremony Lematang Lestari Junior High Academic Year 2013/2014

Opening Ceremony Lematang Lestari Junior High Academic Year 2013/2014

Moshi- Moshi
Good Afternoon :)

In this chance, I'm going to share you our opening ceremony during the opening of Academic Year 2013/2014

Just enjoy the pictures :)

Wajah siswi- siswi SMP Lematang Lestari abis liburan :)

Siswa- siswa Baru Tahun Ajaran ini :D welcome to our school, guys

Peresmian Siswa baruuu :)

Doa Bersama :)

Poto bersama dengan perwakilan siswa-siswi baru bersama perangkat sekolah dan yayasan

Welcome home, Darlaaa.....
Study hard and be the best ;)
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