Fun n Fly iN thE web_

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Sometimes we're getting bored and juSt feel like a shadow__

It's not happen to me ^^

Would you mind following ny tips???


Nowadays, I have fun in website. I follow many kinds of site that provide links of finding friend or making relation ship, suCh as :

  • Friendster

  • Facebook

  • Blogger

  • Wordpress

  • Yuwie

  • Myspace

  • Hi5

  • Multiply soon.

Those are just a few of sites that provide link for us to make a good relationship.

I really enjoy it, maybe not all of you know what are they, but I can make a simple emplaination about them.

Do you know what are facebook, friendster and blogger??

I guest you do_

Of course, because those sites is our project's application (blogger) and facebook or friendster is one of sites which close by us. We usually use it as our link to our friends.

So, what about others???

Myspace is a site likes friendster, but it is more fun_

we can make our blog there...

Does friendster also provide that application (blog)??

yes, but make a blog in myspace can explore our creativity, because it provides another tab/window to view our blog, we also can view whether our friends are online or not_

Hi5 also works as friendster and myspace_

But, yuwie not only provides that link but also can earn money to our pocket,,

hmm... how can?? do you interested in that site??

just visit us on www.Yuwie.com, www.myspace.com, www.Hi5.com.

And when you want to publish your opinion or your writing, just visit us in : www.wordpress.com, www.multiply.com, www.blogger.com

have fun and fly on website____________

Just try it!!


Fun n Fly iN thE web_