Rabu, Mei 13, 2009

FinaL eXaminaTion in pro anD contra__

The Hot issues Today are About FinaL examination___

My frieNd anD I had discussed about it,,

Some of them disagree with the governments' term..

They said that it's not deAl when the limited of the score for every school are same,,

for Example: Students in the city have different facilities with students in the village_
It assumed that will be caused the score of students in the village less than in the city.

also they said that, It really hard to agree with the governments' term that just judge their time when study about 3 years by 3 days___
I do agree with theirs, but it can't solve the problem of final exam case in Indonesia.

Our government want to students' of Indonesia have the high ability and the problem is they indicate "the High" ability just by the high score___

Our country just copy the abroad system,,,

Actually we should know our inhabitants' ability and make our own term not follow the others__

this is my opinion__
what about you???^^

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