Rabu, Juni 10, 2009


feeL happY becAuse oF frEe!!!

I write post entRi by using the wiFi ,,,

this is my story__

JusT listen uP__

My LapTop is broKe because of I just apply the New appLications, that application use for make our local disk freezing_
You can imagine that!!
I can't do anything including install the new program_
In this case, my antivirus already expired and i have restored it_
How can I inStall the new one??whEn my lapTop in the freezE mode??

Oh God__

Fortunatelly, I have a friend that know moRe about Computer and the family (lapTop)^^
I told him about my problem__

And he told me that he could help me to make it normal again.


iT is Have already fixed by him now_
And I can use mine Without scary from the virus that can be damaGe my laptoP^^

ThanKs SuNNy__

Sabtu, Juni 06, 2009

LisTen this Song___

This iS oLd soNg actuaLLy___
I jusT get it From one of my Caffe spot, that is the place for me to spend my free times__

Do you know Rainbows???Hmmm___
Maybe Some Of you know them well, but a half of you also don'T know who are they__

When our class have Listening Comprehention I with Mom. Zuraida_
and we have to make a homework that force us to be a teacher in front of the class and speak up full English_

I really hope getting the "music" topic like my friend_
Unfortunatelly I didn't_

I got "the Election" topic__

Or something like a breaking news...

I want to get that topic, because I hope my friend could listen that song, Rainbows- The Temple of the King

That is the nice song and also have a sense__

I believe that my friend will like that song like me__


I will give the lyric of that song,, just follow the tone__

iF you wonna hear that song just visit me in facebook by click the gadget in the sidebar__


The Temple Of The King

One day in the year of the fox
Came a time remembered well
When the strong young man of the rising sun
Heard the tolling of the great black bell

One day in the year of the fox
When the bell began to ring
Meant the time had cometh
For one to go
To the temple of the king

There in the middle of the circle he stands
Searching, seeking
With just one touch of his trembling hand
The answer will be found

Daylight waits while the old man sings
Heaven help me
And then like the rush of a thousand wings
It shines upon the one
And the day had just begun

One day in the year of the fox
Came a time remembered well
When the strong young man of the rising sun
Heard the tolling of the great black bell

One day in the year of the fox
When the bell began to sing
It meant the time had cometh
For one to go
To the temple of the king

There in the middle of the people
He stands
Seeing, feeling
With just a wave of a strong right hand
He's gone
To the temple of the king

Far from the circle at the edge of the world
He's hoping, wondering
Thinking back from the stories he's heard
Of what he's going to see

There in middle of the circle it lies
Heaven help me
Then all could see by the shine in his eyes
The answer had been found

Back with the people in the circle
He stands
Giving, feeling
With just one touch of a strong right hand
They know
Of the temple and the king

Kamis, Juni 04, 2009

Fun n Fly iN thE web_

--> -->
Sometimes we're getting bored and juSt feel like a shadow__

It's not happen to me ^^

Would you mind following ny tips???


Nowadays, I have fun in website. I follow many kinds of site that provide links of finding friend or making relation ship, suCh as :

  • Friendster

  • Facebook

  • Blogger

  • Wordpress

  • Yuwie

  • Myspace

  • Hi5

  • Multiply soon.

Those are just a few of sites that provide link for us to make a good relationship.

I really enjoy it, maybe not all of you know what are they, but I can make a simple emplaination about them.

Do you know what are facebook, friendster and blogger??

I guest you do_

Of course, because those sites is our project's application (blogger) and facebook or friendster is one of sites which close by us. We usually use it as our link to our friends.

So, what about others???

Myspace is a site likes friendster, but it is more fun_

we can make our blog there...

Does friendster also provide that application (blog)??

yes, but make a blog in myspace can explore our creativity, because it provides another tab/window to view our blog, we also can view whether our friends are online or not_

Hi5 also works as friendster and myspace_

But, yuwie not only provides that link but also can earn money to our pocket,,

hmm... how can?? do you interested in that site??

just visit us on www.Yuwie.com, www.myspace.com, www.Hi5.com.

And when you want to publish your opinion or your writing, just visit us in : www.wordpress.com, www.multiply.com, www.blogger.com

have fun and fly on website____________

Just try it!!


Selasa, Juni 02, 2009

My Poem_________

The One

Who is the one in your life???
I'm still confused_

Did think about it before???
Who is your best??
I'm still confused_

What are you doing,,hmm???
Did you ever decide them???
I'm still confused_

All of them are important in my life_

I don't know who will be the one,,
They are the one_

You, My parents, My sisters, My friend, and all of my relation_

So, do you still want to ask me, again???

Who is the one is my life??

Rabu, Mei 13, 2009

FinaL eXaminaTion in pro anD contra__

The Hot issues Today are About FinaL examination___

My frieNd anD I had discussed about it,,

Some of them disagree with the governments' term..

They said that it's not deAl when the limited of the score for every school are same,,

for Example: Students in the city have different facilities with students in the village_
It assumed that will be caused the score of students in the village less than in the city.

also they said that, It really hard to agree with the governments' term that just judge their time when study about 3 years by 3 days___
I do agree with theirs, but it can't solve the problem of final exam case in Indonesia.

Our government want to students' of Indonesia have the high ability and the problem is they indicate "the High" ability just by the high score___

Our country just copy the abroad system,,,

Actually we should know our inhabitants' ability and make our own term not follow the others__

this is my opinion__
what about you???^^

This Time to Change our Mind_____


do you eVer feel like Breaking Down?????

I do__

what sould we do wHen we feel that feeling???

This is some That I ever do

  1. I listen to the hard music, such as Rock and roll
  2. Just take a nap, I little forget about the problem after that (sometimes^^)
  3. I call up my best friend and talking the happy thing
  4. I buy chocolates and start to eat them untiL finish :-P

and do you have other suggestion for me, friends????

leave your comment please___