Teachers' ROLES

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Being an effective teacher is A MUST.
Some of teachers do it smoothly; they encourage their students well; keeping them in the right track, and so on.

Is it enough???

Big NO, NO,,,

I'll share you some points of being an effective teacher. From some literature I found same roles: it's common roles but not all of teacher know how to act just like the roles mean.

According to Brown (2001), Harmer (2007a, 2007b), teachers' roles are:
  1. Controller: giving rules in the classroom related to the classroom activities
  2. Organizer: managing the classroom activities well
  3. Assessor: could assess the students in every process they are in
  4. Prompter: teach students the language system
  5. Participant: being involved in the classroom activities
  6. Resource → helpful but not spoon-feeding
  7. Observer → student / material / activities
  8. Tutor → intimate help
These are only brief summary, those are the definition only. HOW TO ACT?
Some of the teachers come up with his/ her natural way; only need some improvement, but some aren't.
That will become big problems if teachers are not aware of these roles, because it could affect the teaching- learning process and the outcomes.

So, teachers....
Let's keep upgrading our competences....

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