Going hometown :)

Monday, August 12, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

It is an annual program for every Moslem :) but, it is not a must :P
My family is not always going hometown every Idul Fitri. Sometime, we just stay at home and visit each other. It is happy day :)

This Idul Fitri, we went hometown; in the third day. The last time I visited my village in 2009; it was 4 years ago. Seems like I miss the village air :D

Overall, I'm happy to going home.

 This is my village :D it is so cool here ><
and I took this picture after raining hard
 On the way to my village, we took a rest to have lunch :D
She is my lovely MOm :* This picture taken in the first day of Idul Fitri in our house before we went to village

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