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feeL happY becAuse oF frEe!!!

I write post entRi by using the wiFi ,,,

this is my story__

JusT listen uP__

My LapTop is broKe because of I just apply the New appLications, that application use for make our local disk freezing_
You can imagine that!!
I can't do anything including install the new program_
In this case, my antivirus already expired and i have restored it_
How can I inStall the new one??whEn my lapTop in the freezE mode??

Oh God__

Fortunatelly, I have a friend that know moRe about Computer and the family (lapTop)^^
I told him about my problem__

And he told me that he could help me to make it normal again.


iT is Have already fixed by him now_
And I can use mine Without scary from the virus that can be damaGe my laptoP^^

ThanKs SuNNy__

Terima kasih sudah membaca. Jangan lupa klik tombol di atas untuk membagikannya ke akun sosial media yang kamu punya!^^ Keep loving and sharing!

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